• Technology in the Classroom

    Our goal: students who progress through the Edina Public Schools school system leave as positive digital citizens. Information below outlines how Edina Public Schools works to achieve this goal in the school setting. As always, education is a partnership between our community, staff, and students.

    Why technology?

    Edina Public Schools believes technology is both a tool and a catalyst for excellence in education. We aim to: unleash students’ passion to be lifelong learners; empower and enhance excellent teaching; engage families in a partnership for education; and provide superior service, operation, and productivity.

    Providing students with early opportunities to learn proper use and etiquette surrounding technology in parallel with their classroom experience better prepares our students for their future.

    What tools are students and staff accessing for learning?

    Edina Public Schools uses a variety of tools and resources to support Digital Age Learning. Many of these are accessed via our Edina Portal or are included as an application on their iPad. Seesaw is the Learning Management Tool used by K-2 Students and families; Schoology is used in grades 3-12. We purchase and/or support the tools on this site at the appropriate age level. 

    What does the eLearning2 learning initiative look like during face-to-face learning?

    Students in grades K-2 work on iPads as part of their classroom learning. Teachers work with students to assist with understanding how and why the devices are used at school.

    Students in grades 3-5: each student is assigned district-provided Chromebook. Teachers work with students to understand how to use the device and the device is used for at school. Chromebooks are managed by the district and are only accessible using an Edina provided account. The district provides tools for teachers to monitor student work on these devices. Student browsing history is retained and available for parents and staff to review.

    Students in grades 6-12 utilize devices (personal or district owned) at teacher discretion. Content is accessed via Schoology. Students use Edina Apps to create and collaborate. Students are able to complete and turn in assignments electronically. Digital Citizenship lessons are included in our Advisory Curriculum as well as our Middle School Skills course. Edina High School media staff provides large group instruction and collaborates with student leadership to reinforce Digital Citizenship topics.

    Edina Public Schools is currently Common Sense certified.

    Online Acceptable Use Policy

    Technology provides students with a world of online resources and learning experiences. Parents/guardians must provide approval for their child(ren) to access internet resources at school, and students must agree to follow the district's Acceptable Use Policy (District Policy 634).

    According to the policy, "routine maintenance and monitoring of electronic technologies, including the district network, may lead to a discovery that a user had violated this policy, another school district policy, or the law." In addition, the district may find technology use that raises concern about a student's mental health or well-being. If such discoveries are made, the district may deem it necessary to notify parents and/or school administration of their findings.

    What tools are used to filter and monitor at school?

    Edina Public Schools filters and monitors student use of technology according to CIPA, FERPA, and COPPR using a variety of tools including, but not limited to: