• School Board Legislative Action Committee (LAC)

    The Edina School Board developed a non-partisan Legislative Action Committee (LAC) in fall 2018 focused on issues impacting education in Minnesota and Edina Public Schools, specifically. They have set the following goals:

    Rep. Heather Edelson speaks to the audience at the LAC platform breakfast

    • To develop and propose legislative positions to the School Board, designed to advance Edina Public School’s mission;
    • To inform and publicize approved legislative positions and proposed actions to the Board and community;
    • To coordinate advocacy efforts throughout the District;
    • To advocate to state and federal legislators for positions identified by the LAC and approved by the Board.

    The work of the LAC will be accomplished through several subgroups with guidance by the Steering Committee.

    Steering Committee consists of up to nine individuals who meet as often as weekly from September through November, then twice a month through the end of the legislative session, to develop platforms and set timelines for the LAC’s activities. A primary function is to develop and present a legislative platform to present to the Edina School Board. Also, this committee will attend presentations by legislators and district leaders; set a schedule for legislature visits; monitor bills and votes to determine if any lobbying is required; and help facilitate the groups described below.

    General Members are also needed on a number of sub-groups described below. There is no solid time commitment for general members, but your assistance will be welcome when able to participate in the following activities:

    • Mailings group manages communication with legislators through the U.S. mail and email. They will push out the approved platform and will continue to be responsive throughout the legislative session to remind legislators of Board-approved platforms. This group meets as needed from December through the end of the legislative session.
    • Calls/Immediate Contact group works throughout the legislative session to manage a list of individuals who will call to inform and influence the legislative process. The group will meet as needed, responding quickly to connect with legislators by phone.
    • Capitol Visits group facilitates visits to the State Capitol for members of the LAC and other EPS community members. Members will attend presentations by education lobbying groups and the Minnesota School Boards Association’s “Days at the Capitol” for legislative action committees. They will explore opportunities for partnering with other local school districts to plan Capitol visits. This group meets as needed, January through the end of the legislative session.
    • School Liaisons help connect state and federal leaders to Edina Public Schools so they can see first-hand the learning and activities in classrooms and schools. This group will also work to engage parents and school communities with the legislative process. The School Liaisons group meets as needed, year round.

    Be involved!

    Persons interested in being involved in the work of the LAC should contact Ellen Jones.

  • LAC Updates

    Day at the Capitol - March 17

    Join us Tuesday, March 17, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. for our day of advocacy for public education at the State Capitol. Hear a legislative update from AMSD and meet with state legislators to present our platform and discuss key issues affecting Edina Public Schools. All are welcome! Day at the Capitol Schedule

    2020 Platform

    Edina LAC Legislative Platform