School Board Committee Appointments, Liaisons and Representatives

  • Individual School Board members are assigned to serve on board and district committees, as board liaisons to EPS schools and programs, and as district representatives on local and state educational organization committees and task forces. The Board will make committee appointments in July and January. Some committees are school-year appointments with terms ending June 30.

Board Committee Appointments

  • Finance and Facilities – Matt Fox, Amir Gharbi, Leny Wallen-Friedman
    Human Resources – Erica Allenburg, Sarah Patzloff, Leny Wallen-Friedman
    Policy – Amir Gharbi, Ellen Jones, Owen Michaelson
    Teaching and Learning – Erica Allenburg, Ellen Jones, Sarah Patzloff
    Legislative Action Committee – Ellen Jones, Owen Michaelson

Board Liaisons

  • School Sites
    Concord Elementary School – Sarah Patzloff
    Cornelia Elementary School – Matt Fox
    Countryside Elementary School – Leny Wallen-Friedman
    Creek Valley Elementary School – Ellen Jones
    Highlands Elementary School – Sarah Patzloff
    Normandale Elementary School – Owen Michaelson
    South View Middle School – Amir Gharbi
    Valley View Middle School – Matt Fox
    Edina High School – Erica Allenburg
    Early Learning Center – Amir Gharbi

  • Outside Organizations
    Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) – Ellen Jones
    Association of Metropolitan School Districts (AMSD) – Owen Michaelson
    Technology & Information Educational Services (TIES) – Owen Michaelson
    Minnesota State High School Leagues (MSHSL) – Erica Allenburg
    Intermediate School District 287 – Erica Allenburg
    Edina Parent Leadership Council – Sarah Patzloff
    Edina Education Fund – Matt Fox
    Edina City Council – Ellen Jones

Board Representatives

  • Community Education Svs Advisory Council – Sarah Patzloff
    Mental Health/Wellness Advisory Team – Erica Allenburg
    Special Education Advisory Council – Erica Allenburg
    Gifted Education Advisory Council – Ellen Jones
    World’s Best Workforce – Ellen Jones, Sarah Patzloff
    Meet & Confer – Leny Wallen-Friedman, Amir Gharbi
    Insurance Committee – Sarah Patzloff
    Student Activities Advisory Committee – Sarah Patzloff
    Legislative Action Committee – Owen Michaelson, Ellen Jones

Community Appointments by Board

  • (Term expiration date)

    • Community Education Services Board – Karen Gabler (6/30/19)
    • Edina Community Council Committee – Mindy Rhiger (6/30/20), Meg Barrett (6/30/21), Peg Gaard (6/30/21), Cheryl Gunness (6/30/21), Jeff Jorgensen (6/30/21)
    • Board Finance Committee – Cathy Cella (6/30/19), Ben Sorenson (6/30/20), Timothy Smith (6/30/21), Mohamed Abdihalim (6/30/21)
  • Board Legislative Action Committee

    The Edina School Board developed a non-partisan Legislative Action Committee (LAC) in fall 2018 focused on issues impacting education in Minnesota and Edina Public Schools, specifically.

    Board Communications Ad Hoc Committee

    The purpose of the Edina School Board Communications Ad Hoc Committee is to review the current state of School Board communications with the broader community.  Note: This ad hoc committee is looking only at School Board communications and not broader school district communications.

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