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    Business Services

    Facilities Rental

    Policy 902 sets guidelines for use of school buildings. To reserve space in district buildings visit Facilities Rental.

    Mileage Reimbursement

    The current IRS mileage allowance rate is used for reimbursement. Click to view the current mileage rate.

    To claim reimbursement for mileage expenses, submit the
    Employee expense report to Accounts Payable. Refer to District Policy 708 for details.

    Workers Compensation - Work Injury Hotline: 855-736-9482 

    Workers Compensation benefits, which are specified by law, are provided to protect employees in the event of a work-related injury or illness resulting in medical care and/or loss of time from work.

    In order to avoid possible delays in processing workers compensation claims, it is very important that all work-related injuries are reported immediately to your supervisor. Please call in your injury or your employee's injury as soon as possible. The Work Injury Hotline is 855-736-9482 .Calling this number takes the place of completing a First Report of Injury form. The injury must be reported within three days of the incident. For questions, contact Benefits and Compensation Specialist, Ellen Bowden at 952-848-4912

    Community Education

    For the 2017-18 school year, Edina Schools employees may be eligible to receive a discount on some Edina Community Education Programs. Please call for more information: 952-848-3952. 

    District Media

    Voicemail Access

    To listen to voicemail from outside the district:

    • Dial the external voicemail phone number 952-848-3912 or your own 10 digit extension.
    • Press the * key when voicemail answers.
    • Enter your ID (extension), then press # key.
    • Enter your password, then press the # key.

    Webmail Access

    For access to your email outside of the district, login to Webmail.

    • You will need to enter:
    • User name: isd273\your network username
    • Password: your network password

    Human Resources

    Job Postings

    Open positions are posted on the District website under the Employment Section.

    An online application must be completed to be considered for a position unless you are an internal applicant. Internal applicants need to send a letter of interest to HR by internal applicant deadline listed on the posting to be considered for the position. Internal applicants are employees covered under the posted position's master agreement.

    To be considered for an Extracurricular Activity, send letter of interest and resume to the High School Assistant Principal/Athletics.

    Leave of Absences

    If you need to be absent, your absence must be recognized under the bargaining agreement or district policy. You are required to follow the appropriate procedures listed in the policy or bargaining agreement. You can view your available leave days in the Employee Access Center.

    Types of leaves available are: bereavement, sick, medical, parental, personal, unpaid, military, jury duty, religious observance, sabbatical (teachers only) and paid holidays.

    Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

    Eligible employees are entitled up to a total of 12 work weeks per year of unpaid, job-protected Family and/or Medical leave to eligible employees. Employees are eligible if they have worked for the district for at least one year and for 1,250 hours during the twelve months prior to the leave. Eligible employees may use accrued leave during the FMLA as indicated in the bargaining agreement.

    Family leave is for birth of employee's child; or for placement of a child with employee for adoption or foster care. Medical leave is available when employee is needed to care for a child, spouse, or parent who has a serious health condition or when employee is unable to perform the functions of his or her position because of a serious health condition.

    A covered employer also must grant an eligible employee who is a spouse, son, daughter, parent, or next of kin of a current member of the Armed Forces, including a member of the National Guard or Reserves, with a serious injury or illness up to a total of 26 workweeks of unpaid leave during a “single 12-month period” to care for the service member.

    Leave Forms

    For more information on Leaves, call Gael Braddock at x4002 as a licensed employee, or Shannon Jarosak at x4003 as a non-licensed employee.

    Retirement/Resignation Procedure

    Substitute System

    Please log into Frontline Absence Management system coming Aug 3, 2020.  Or contact human.resources@edinaschools.org AND/OR Teachers On Call  please call 1-800-713-4439, option 1.



    Direct Deposit

    All employees must sign up for direct deposit. You may designate up to five accounts with various institutions. Your funds are deposited automatically on each payday to your accounts. The district does not print direct deposit statements. If you prefer a paper copy, it can be printed from EAC.

    Pay Dates

    Employees are paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. If either falls on a weekend or holiday, then payment is made on the first business day prior to the 15th or 30th.

    For employees paid on an hourly basis, the hours worked the 1st through the 15th are paid on the 30th. The hours worked the 16th through the 31st are paid on the 15th of the following month.

    Retirement Savings

    There are two statutory pension plans, TRA and PERA. Both pension plans are governed by the State of Minnesota. These two plans are defined benefit plans.

    There are three voluntary investment choices, which are defined contribution plans. They are the 403(b) tax shelter annuity, the 457 deferred compensation plan, and the 403(b) Roth. Complete the Salary Reduction Agreement form to participate.

    If you are eligible for a matching contribution, Payroll will calculate it according to the appropriate labor contract/agreement.

    Tax Related

    Information on FICA wage bases and rates, IRS and MN Dept of Revenue forms and help, FSA reimbursements, mileage allowance rate, checking retirement accounts, and other contact information.


    Timesheets cannot cross pay periods. Timesheets need to be completed, signed by your supervisor, and then forwarded to Payroll within two days after the period ends. Example: hours worked July 1st through July 15th would be paid on July 30th.

    Special Services/Special Education

    Edina Public Schools provides a comprehensive program for students with disabilities. Services are provided to students who range in age from birth through 21. For more information visit the Special Services/Special Education website.

    Teaching and Learning

    For information on relicensure and CEUs, staff development, curriculum, research and evaluation, gifted education, and the professional library visit the Teaching and Learning website.