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  • Benefits

    The district provides a comprehensive program including medical, dental, life, long term disability insurances and pretax flexible spending accounts. Enrollment into these plans is available at hire and during the annual open enrollment period.

    Edina Public Schools contracts with PlanSource to handle the enrollment process and the reimbursements from the flexible spending and health reimbursement accounts. You should contact PlanSource with questions regarding your benefits.

    Tammy Knapp
    701 Xenia Ave South #150
    Minneapolis, MN 55418

    Insurance Website


    Insurance Deductions

    Insurance premiums are deducted each pay period and the amount is determined by the following:

    24 pay periods
    Monthly Insurance Premium divided by 2
    19 or 21 pay periods*
    Monthly Insurance Premium
    multiplied by 12 then divided by 19 or 21

    *It is often necessary to make an adjustment for health insurance to ensure that the correct amount is withheld for the period of September through August. This one time adjustment is made shortly after the new calendar rates begin; individual notification is not made.

    District contribution amounts for each type of insurance are available in your labor group contract/agreement. Employee contributions are made on a pretax basis for medical and dental insurance. If the district contribution is more than the medical plan elected, the excess may be deposited into a health reimbursement account.

    Employee Assistance Program

    Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) offer free and confidential help from professional counselors for life's toughest issues. EAP has resources to help you at home and at work. Teachers have multiple healthcare network choices and should consult their chosen medical carrier. If your health benefits are through BlueCross Blue Shield, view this EAP flyer for information.

    Retirement Savings

    There are two statutory pension plans, TRA and PERA. Both pension plans are governed by the State of Minnesota. These two plans are defined benefit plans.

    There are three voluntary investment choices, which are defined contribution plans. They are the 403(b) tax shelter annuity, the 457 deferred compensation plan, and the 403(b) Roth. Complete the Salary Reduction Agreement form to participate.

    If you are eligible for a matching contribution, Payroll will calculate it according to the appropriate labor contract/agreement