• Staff Handbook

  • FAQ/Useful Information


    The district provides a comprehensive program including medical, dental, life, long term disability insurances and pretax flexible spending accounts. Enrollment into these plans is available at hire and during the annual open enrollment period. For more information view the Benefits section of the handbook.

    Common Abbreviations

    District Calendars

    Emergency Closings

    Facilities Rental

    Policy 902 sets guidelines for use of school buildings. To reserve space in district buildings visit Facilities Rental.

    Holiday Schedule

    Identification Badge

    If your badge is lost/stolen or broken, a replacement badge can be requested by completing the Replacement Request Form

    Jury Duty

    Employee Access Center (EAC)

    Employee Access Center is a secure online system on the Internet that gives you access to your current and past payroll payments, leave
    balance and details, benefits, licensures, personal information, W-2’s, and employment verification.

    Pay Dates

    Employees are paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. If either falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is made on the first business day prior to the 15th or 30th.

    Pin Numbers for School Lunches

    Pin numbers for school lunches can be obtained by contacting Food Service.

    Relicensure and Continuing Education Credits

    School Boundaries

    The district map indicates school boundaries.

    Substitute Procedures

    Contact your building Office Team or Human.Resources@edinaschools.org


    Timesheets cannot cross pay periods. Timesheets need to be completed by hourly paid employees, signed by the supervisor, and forwarded to Payroll within two days after the period ends. Example: hours worked July 1st through July 15th would be paid on July 30th.

    Voice Mail

    To access voicemail from outside the district:

    • Dial the external voicemail phone number 952-848-3912 or your own 10 digit extension.
    • Press the # key when voicemail answers.
    • Enter your ID (extension), then press # key.
    • Enter your password, then press the # key.

    Web Mail

    For access to your email outside of the district, login to Webmail.

    • You will need to enter your full email address as username.
    • User name: firstname.lastname@edinaschools.org
    • Password: your network password

    West Metro Schools Credit Union

    Serving Edina Schools employees and their families. Visit them on the web at www.westmetroschoolscu.org.

    Who Do You Call?

    A list of departments/staff to contact for program specific information. In addition: 

    District Office Contacts - Wondering Who to Call in different district departments? The following “Who to Contact” lists will assist you in directing your question to the appropriate individual.