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    Members of Education Minnesota/Edina (or those whose insurance follows EM/E) receives medical insurance through the Public Employees Insurance Pool (PEIP). The PEIP plan is administered by Innovo Benefits Administration, the best resource for information on PEIP. Their contact information is provided on the right. Please see the headlines and calendar pages for schedules of open enrollment meetings and other important dates.


    2019 EM/E Cost Sheet

    *based on .75 FTE or greater

     2019 Plan Update from PEIP:

    We are very pleased that this renewal continues the streak of "better than industry average" for 10th straight year, the average increase for January 1, 2019 will be 2.5%. (groups being slotted for the first time could be slightly above or below that figure).  There are no significant plan changes on any of the three plans for 2019.  The 2019 clinic directory is being updated and will be available October 15th on our website at www.innovomn.com/plan_information.html.

    It is important to make sure you review your clinic choice for cost level changes, if you are only changing primary care clinics, you can call the number on your id card to make the clinic change.  Innovo cannot make clinic only changes.  You will find the 2019 SBCs for PEIP, and other plan materials on our website."

    Dental, life, vision  accidental death & dismemberment, and long-term disability insurance, as well as reimbursement accounts, continue to be administered through Corporate Health Systems for all employees. See resources on the left for those other insurance products. For status changes at any time of the year, including medical insurance for EM/E, please contact Cara Hendrickson.

    Employee Assistance Program: PEIP does not offer an EAP, but an EAP can be accessed through our life insurance carrier.

    Plan information

    Innovo Benefits has provided this plan information page for you to refer to during online enrollment.  While all of these documents are available on that page, we post them on this page as well for your convenience.  Contact Innovo Benefits with questions regarding these plans.
         Benefits Schedules 2019  Summary of Benefits
         (the one-pager)  Documents  (the long plan document)

    2019 Clinic Directory

    Download this Excel spreadsheet to sort for your Primary Care Clinic cost level and clinic number.  

    Primary Care Clinics have been placed into one of four cost levels, depending on the care system in which the provider participates and that care system’s total cost of delivering health care.  The amount of cost sharing that is paid when using health care services varies depending upon the cost level of the Health Plan/Network that you choose.  Each family member must select a primary care clinic (PCC).  Family members may elect different PCC’s – even in a different cost level, but must enroll with the same carrier
    New for 2019:   Please be sure to check your clinic to see if the cost level has changed.  If you would like to change your primary care clinic, contact your carrier using the phone number on your id card.

    Network directories 

    Network directories for each provider are shown here, with more detailed explanation in the FAQs.
         BlueCross BlueShield: Blue Cross Aware
         HealthPartners: Open Access 
         PreferredOne: Advantage


    • CVS Caremark

    Convenience Care Clinics

    Click on your network to view a list of convenience clinics through Edina Apps:   PreferredOne    HealthPartners    Blue Cross


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    Innovo Benefits Administration website (dedicated to PEIP)   

    This website includes plan designs, enrollment forms detailed documents about coverage, clinic directories, a prescription formulary, and a question-and-answer document.

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