• Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are typical class sizes?

    Class sizes are determined by adult:child ratios set forth by the Department of Education. Each classroom has a minimum of two staff members, while some may have three or four.

    Are there any enrollment limits?

    Due to limited space, families may register for one daytime class with parent education or one preschool section per child. There is no limit on special topics, events or classes that run fewer than 12 weeks.

    Does my child need to be toilet-trained?

    Your child does not need to be toilet trained to attend Early Learning Center programs, but it is highly recommended by the time your child attends pre-K classes.

    Do you have any food restrictions?

    All classrooms, including extended learning and sibling care, are nut-aware environments.

    What if I have concerns about my child’s development? Where can I turn?

    Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) is part of the Edina Public Schools. ECSE is coordinated and integrated with the Early Learning Center. For more information on ECSE, click here or call 952-848-5232.

    What immunizations are required?

    All students in the state of Minnesota must have immunizations up to date. Schools must have a child’s immunization record on file when the student begins school. Click here for immunization form. Your child’s immunization record must be on file by the third week of class or your child will not be able to attend class.

    What if I choose not to immunize my child?

    If a family wishes to be exempt from one or more immunization requirements, please contact us for more information.