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    Local Scholarship  Local Scholarship 2021 for Seniors Local Scholarship

    2021 EHS Local Scholarship Program

    • This program is exclusive to students in the senior class. 
    • All applications for the Edina Local Scholarship program are due on March 19, 2021 by 3:30pm. 
    • Please note - several of the scholarship opportunities require additional supplemental applications. Please read instructions carefully.
    • Students must be signed into a Google account to access the application.
    • In May, a Scholarship Breakfast will be held for students who are awarded scholarships that they will be expected to attend (COVID Permitting)

    View this brief tutorial for instructions on completing the scholarship application.
    To read more about the specific scholarship opportunities and access supplemental applications, click here!
    And finally, here is the general application! 

    star  All the scholarships below require completion of the Local Scholarship Application (see above) as well as the additional application.

     Tips to Help Cut College Costs and Build a Smart College List

    Strategies to Make College Affordable

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    Completing the FAFSA is the first step in the college financial aid process. This is a required form for any student seeking federal aid. Many colleges require students receiving scholarship funds to complete a FAFSA. Additionally, some families complete a FAFSA in order to get access to unsubsidized federal loan funds that are not income dependent. 

    Resources for Filing the FAFSA:

    CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE

    The CSS Profile is the College Board’s financial aid application that around 260, mostly private colleges and universities, use for their undergraduate admissions. In addition to filing the FAFSA, the CSS Profile application is required for participating schools. 

    All PROFILE schools use the FAFSA to determine which of their applicants will qualify for federal and/or state financial aid. Most public and private colleges and universities also rely upon the FAFSA to determine who is eligible for the institutions’ own need-based financial aid. The PROFILE schools, however, want to dig deeper than the FAFSA allows when assessing who qualifies for money from their own institution.

    Here is the list of all the schools and scholarship programs that require a PROFILE submission: CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE schools

    Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP)

    The Midwest Student Exchange Program enables residents of Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska to enroll in designated institutions and programs at reduced tuition levels outside of their home state. Some schools in the province of Manitoba also participate. The Midwest Student Exchange Program is an interstate initiative established by the Midwestern Higher Education Commission (MHEC) to increase educational opportunities for students in its member states. This program enables residents at reduced tuition (150% of resident tuition) levels. The basic core college prep courses apply for many of these schools' requirements.

    Reciprocity Institutions

    Minnesota residents may attend public institutions in Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Manitoba and pay tuition at a rate lower than non-resident or, in some cases, comparable to resident rates. For more information, go to the reciprocity website: MN ND SD.


    All scholarships are listed in Naviance Student under the colleges tab on a link called "scholarship list." This list is updated weekly with active scholarships and should be checked regularly by students. It includes local, regional, national and some college specific scholarships.

    College Specific Scholarships

    Seniors should make sure that they have applied to every available scholarship at the colleges they are considering. Some colleges will award scholarships automatically when students apply. However, other scholarships from colleges will require an additional application. It is a good idea to check with college admissions or financial aid offices to see if there are other scholarship applications to complete. 

    National Scholarship Search Tools

    The following are a list of good websites to search for national scholarships. Consider an alternate email address to manage potential junk mail.


    RaiseMe is a resource that helps students explore colleges, build a portfolio and get rewarded for their achievements both in and outside of the classroom. If a student follows a college, and puts an accomplishment into their portfolio, the college may reward the student with a micro-scholarship that can build through the years. The students will only get the scholarship if they apply and are accepted to the college, however, it is fun to see students earn scholarships and see what colleges are looking for in admissions decisions. It is a great tool for students to set goals and stay motivated.

    Updated June 21, 2020