eLearning2 Background

  • As technology and digital content becomes increasingly ubiquitous, equipping our students with the knowledge and tools for next generation real-world experience has never been so important. In 2009, Edina Public Schools began a technology initiative with this sentiment in mind: a 9th grade 1:1 program was implemented to research what type of program would be effective and sustainable for students in Edina and its stakeholders. In 2012, Edina Public Schools moved forward by partnering with Best Buy for Education to grant access to next generation learning devices at a discounted rate. 


    Edina Public Schools has moved the concept of bring your own device from "optional" to "required" and named the initiative eLearning2. Although eLearning2 is a technology initiative, it does not aim take away our greatest asset: our teachers. Edina Public Schools is known nationally and internationally for our excellence in education because of our teachers. eLearning2 accentuates their work through technology implementation when appropriate.

    Currently, our technology initiative allows students to bring their own device, or, check out a device from the school's media center. If you would like to check out a district-provided Chromebook, please have your student bring a completed loan agreement form to the school's media center.


    Provide access to digital age learning and content for our Next Generation Learners. Digital content allows teachers to personalize materials and differentiate for all types of learners using up-to-date materials. Technology allows students to easily collaborate with teachers and peers, as well as create products that demonstrate their learning. Learn more about our Digital Age Learning Framework.

    Provide professional development for staff, students, and parents in Edina. To ensure the success of this transition, everybody must be equipped with the skills necessary to manage next-generation learning as it takes place inside and outside of the classroom.

    Unleash a passion for learning through everyday access to technology. It is important to use judgment to understand when technology can enhance a lesson, and when technology should not be utilized. By giving our students access to technology on a daily basis, access to these tools can happen in an authentic way when appropriate.