Who can help me with my device?

  • If a student is experiencing issues with their device, the first step is to bring the device to the school's Media Center.

    Each school site is equipped with several layers of support to help your student get the most out of their learning device. The contacts listed below can help with troubleshooting of: hardware problems (e.g.: issues with display, power), connectivity issues, login troubles, and more. These contacts serve as your first line of support when seeking expediency and problem resolution, regardless of where your student acquired their device.

    Edina High School
    Peter Blackwell, Technology Paraprofessional

    South View Middle School
    Robb Schwartz, Technology Paraprofessional

    Valley View Middle School
    Tom Kniffen, Technology Paraprofessional

    Click here for a more detailed explanation of the Edina Public Schools repair process.

    All Chromebook repairs will be performed by our Repair Services Analyst.


  • Best Buy Partnership

    Edina Public Schools and Best Buy work together at the beginning of each school year to provide families an opportunity to purchase a device through the Best Buy web store. Click here for more information.