• Good Day Concord Weekly News Show

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    October 3, 2016 Ava H., Maggie F., Jonathan H.   Walk & Bike to School Day with Jack Thompson (Low Carbon Crossings)
    October 17, 2016 Griffith P., Landon H., Charlie M.  Drop-Off Procedure (Marianna S. & Liv P.)
    October 31, 2016 Lauren L., Emma K., Audrey T. Halloween
    November 7, 2016  Ava R., Emma F., Mackenzie A.  Election 2016 
    November 14, 2016  Lila E., Sonja H., Audrey T. Kindness Retreat, Mystery Guest Mark DeYoung    
    November 21, 2016  Charlie M., Audrey T., Lila E.  Thanksgiving 
    December 5, 2016   Natalie S., Connor K., Matthew S.  Mystery Guest Custodian Mike Kilanowski 
    December 12, 2016  Isabelle P., Meredith N, Matthew S. Hour of Code, Winter Gear, Kindness
    December 22, 2016 Lucy T., Phoebe P., Bobby C.  Gr 5 Colonial Village and Gr 4 Genius Hour
    January 24, 2017  Natalia B., Paige P., Natalie S.  Gr 5 Skiing at Hylands 
    January 30, 2017  Ahva N., Vivie K., Phoebe P.  First Look Inside New Addition 
    February 6, 2017  Liv D., Max M., Eli S.  Creative Arts Fair & I Love to Read Month 
    February 13, 2017  Abby P., Lana F., Meredith N.  Kick-Off to Kindness Week & Kindergarten Answers What is Love? 
    February 23, 2017  Anna M., Carolina C., Harper M.  Lunchroom Guidelines 
    February 27, 2017  Alyssa P., Molly M., Tiara C. Celebrating Black History Month 
    March 6, 2017  Ahmed M., Claire S., Dominic A.  Grade 5 at Camp and Celebrating Dr. Seuss
    March 13, 2017  Eleanor H., Ishan A., Natalia M.  Day of Service and Food Drive Kick-Off 
    March 20, 2017  Naomi S., Charlie V., Oskar S.  Women's History Month 
    April 11, 2017  Carter B., Tate G., Abby P.  Plant Sale, MCAs, Poetry Month 
    April 17, 2017  Josie M., Sophia S., Lucia E.  Carnival Poster Design Contest Winners, Shared Poetry 
    April 24, 2017 Emerson W., Iris M., Conrad K. Carnival Week, MHL Book Award Winners
    May 1, 2017 Maxwell D., Norah S., Ryan G. Carnival, Screen Free Week, Shared Poetry
    May 8, 2017 Frances S. and Maggie S. Bike and Walk to School Day
    May 15, 2017 Ellie T., Olivia J., Lola P. Library Books: Bring Them Back
    May 22, 2017  Dane B., Miles E., Matthew G. Trophies and Awards, Fire Up for Field Day!
    May 30, 2017  Bennett C., Sajdah S., Abby R., Claire W.  Volunteer Appreciation