Superintendent's Experience

  • A Special Thank You to the Edina Community

    Nov. 16, 2017 -- The results are in and, as with every election, we in Edina Public Schools took it in stride as we readied ourselves for another day of learning the next morning. It was energizing to see over 40 percent of registered voters turn out for this small but important election. The high turnout for an off-year election highlights the passion and commitment this community has for students and their learning.

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  • A message from Superintendent John Schultz

    Nov. 8, 2017 -- Dear EPS families and community members, The results are in and, as with every election, we readied ourselves for a new day of learning in our schools this morning. We are pleased that the voters have again entrusted us with their tax dollars in support of excellence for our students.

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  • The expression of learning and the power of a smile

    Nov. 3, 2017 -- As a career educator, there are three expressions that I love and fill my professional soul. The first is the smile on kids’ faces when they enter school and see their friends. Another is the enthusiasm and care that the adults display for the beginning of the new year. The last is the smile on a child’s face when they have learned something new, solved a problem, or performed their work. I look for these expressions in schools because they are a measure of learning and of caring relationships that go beyond a test score or a letter grade.

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