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    Students study in the EHS commons.

    Edina Public Schools (EPS) has a tradition of excellence that is well documented in Minnesota and across the country. But how do you maintain this legacy given the rapid pace of change happening in the world today? It has often been said that many of the careers today’s students will hold in the future have not even been invented yet, which makes planning and preparing students for success after high school a challenging task. 

    Instead of thinking only about the specific content students need to learn, EPS is also focusing on key skills and literacies that learners need to be successful in a rapidly changing, global society. As part of its strategic efforts, the District refined these core attributes, or Educational Competencies, to create a profile of the Next Generation EPS Learner.

    The Educational Competencies embody the life skills that learners need for social, emotional, academic and professional success. They not only include required state or national academic standards, but also go further to represent a holistic view of the learner. They are intended to help guide students along their educational journey, striving to become:

    • an Effective Communicator and Collaborator,
    • a Responsible, Engaged Citizen,
    • an Innovative Thinker and Creator, 
    • a Globally Competent Individual,
    • a Motivated Lifelong Learner, and 
    • a Healthy, Well-rounded Person.

    Additionally, both Advanced Placement tests and ACT College Readiness Benchmarks are among the indicators the District uses to measure college and career readiness.

  • Advanced Placement Courses

    Edina High School continues to offer rigorous and relevant curriculum for students, challenging learners to strive and achieve and high levels. Among the many course offerings, EHS offers over 30 Advanced Placement (AP) and Enriched classes. One measure of success in AP classes is the end of course AP exam. Most colleges will grant college credit for a score of 3 or higher.

Advanced Placement Courses
  • Advanced Placement Scholars (2016-17)

    In addition, EHS had a number of AP Scholars and honorees, which indicate a students achievement of high performance on multiple AP exams.

2016-17 AP Scholars
  • ACT College Readiness

    In collaboration with postsecondary institutions across the country, ACT has established college readiness benchmark scores — the minimum score needed on an ACT subject area to indicate a 50 percent chance of obtaining a B or higher in corresponding college courses.

Percent of 2017 EHS ACT-tested high school graduates meeting College Readiness Benchmarks by subject

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