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  • ACT College Entrance Exams

    ACT scores show the culmination of students’ academic progress and are a key determinant of college admission and scholarship awards. On average, over 95 percent of graduating seniors at Edina High School take the ACT as part of their post-secondary planning, and they consistently outperform state and national averages. Data show that EHS graduates are well prepared for post-secondary options. The EPS composite score of 26.3 is 22.3 percent higher than the state average, and 25.2 percent higher than national peers, according to the 2017 College Readiness Report recently released by ACT.

    EHS students earned an average ACT composite score of 26.3, compared to the state average of 21.5 and national average of 21.0. A perfect score is 36.

    ACT Composite Average Scores

ACT Composite Average Scores.
ACT Composite Score Average
  • Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA)

    The MCA tests are a measure of system accountability used by the state to assess a school or district’s alignment of instruction with state standards. MCAs provide school districts with information on curriculum content, which is used as a tool for district continuous improvement and to inform professional learning communities of teachers.

    Edina Public Schools’ overall MCA data has remained relatively flat, with fluctuations depending on grade level, student group, and student participation. Staff and administration are looking closely at this data to inform its ongoing curriculum development process.

    Detailed MCA scores are available on the Minnesota Department of Education Report Card.

  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

    MAP tests are taken by students in grades 2-9 to help parents and educators track individual student growth, determine student placement, and improve curriculum and instruction. Results also help gauge Edina student achievement nationally.

    2017 EPS MAP Testing

    Percent of students who met or exceeded national growth targets

MAP scores 2017

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