2019/20 Edina Wrestling Salt Drive

water softener salt
  • Water Softener Salt by SureSoft

    Please help the Edina Wrestling Boosters purchase new wrestling mats for our program. This will benefit all the current and future Edina wrestlers - high school, middle school and youth! Free delivery to your Edina home! We will deliver 40-lb bags to the desired location in your home: garage, downstairs next to softener, closets - it’s up to you! Five bag minimum.

    Order your salt online and checkout with Paypal below or fill out a paper order form. Please make checks payable to Edina Wrestling Boosters and mail to the address on the form.
    We will be delivering on the following day: Sunday, March 1, 2020

    If you are not home at the time of our delivery, we will leave it in a place you designated on your order form. For orders of 20 or more, we will make every effort to schedule a time with you. Delivering over 1800 bags in one day takes a massive effort and coordination. Thank you for understanding that we cannot offer delivery timeframe.

NOTE: There is a 5 bag minimum.
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