2018/19 Edina Wrestling Salt Drive

water softener salt
  • Water Softener Salt by SureSoft

    Please help the Edina Wrestling Boosters purchase new wrestling mats for our program. This will benefit all the current and future Edina wrestlers - high school, middle school and youth!
    Free delivery to your Edina home! We will deliver 40-lb bags to the desired location in your home: garage, downstairs next to softener, closets - it’s up to you!

    Order your salt online and checkout with Paypal below or fill out a paper order form. Please make checks payable to Edina Wrestling Boosters and mail to the address on the form.
    We will be delivering on the following day: Sunday, March 3, 2019

STEP 1: Select the type of salt you want to order. In the Paypal shopping cart page, you will be able to change the number of bags you would like to purchase. Minimum order 5 bags.
STEP 2: The price of the water softener salt includes free delivery to any EDINA neighborhood. Enter your Edina neighborhood. No salt delivery outside Edina city limits.
STEP 3: Enter the wrestler's name who sold the salt to you or "None".
STEP 4: Press the "Add to Cart" button. On the Paypal shopping cart page, select "Continue Shopping" to return to this page or check out.

Select type of salt

Edina Neighborhood or "Other"

Wrestler Name or "None"

If you are not interested in purchasing salt but would still like to support Edina Wrestling, please make your tax-deductible contribution below! You will receive a tax receipt from the Edina Community Foundation.