Tours of Edina High School for Future Students

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    The tour includes a brief presentation with an administrator and a counselor and then a tour with our Student Ambassadors. This tour is designed for parents & students that are currently enrolled in Grades 6-11 who are interested in attending Edina High School in the future.

    If you have any questions, please contact Diana Swanson at diana.swanson@edinaschools.org or (952) 848-3972.

    New Student Enrollment Process Grades 9-12

    New Students need to register at the Student Enrollment Center or Online - Edina Community Center

    star Enrollment Center Website

    Address: 5701 Normandale Road (Door 3, north end of building), Edina, MN  55424  
    Questions: 952-848-4585
    Fax number: 952-848-3937
    1. After a new student has completed the enrollment paperwork at the Enrollment Center, the student's records will be requested from their previous school

    2. When the records are received, the parent will be contacted to meet with the student's counselor. The counselors are not available during summer break.

    3. The Counseling Department must receive the following information before an appointment will be made with your counselor. Please do not come to the High School to start classes without a meeting with your counselor first. Parent requests for records will speed up the enrollment process.

      Please make arrangements with the previous district for student records to be faxed or mailed to:

      Counseling Department, Records
      6754 Valley View Road
      Edina, MN 55439
      Fax number: 952-848-3119

      • Up-to-date immunization record (must be approved by the health office before an appointment will be made)
      • Transcript from previous school and the most recent withdrawal grades
      • MCA Test Scores (MN only)
      • EXPLORE, ACT, SAT, PSAT scores if test taken
      • MN State ID Number – Minnesota transfers only
      • IEP Plan or 504 Plan (if appropriate) - fax to District Office Special Services - (952) 848-4901
    4. When the above student information has been received by our office, we will contact you to set up an appointment with the appropriate counselor. 
      Any questions please call the counseling department:
      Nancy Knutson at 952-848-3131 or Diana Swanson at 952-848-3972.

    Student Withdrawal Process Grades 9-12

    Withdrawal during the school year:

    For all withdrawals during the current school year contact the counseling office-Nancy Knutson 952-848-3131. Students who attend school their last day will carry a withdrawal form around to their teachers for grades and book clearance.  All books must be turned into the teachers and/or counseling office.  If there is no clearance, the withdrawal form will be held until obligations are cleared.  If the student is not in attendance, books will be collected from the parent and the withdrawal form will be held until signatures/grades can be obtained.  Records will be held until all obligations are cleared. 

    Withdrawal during the summer months: 

    If your move is during the summer months, please contact the high school counseling office-Nancy Knutson 952-848-3131.
    What we need to know:
    • The name of the school the student is transferring to and the city/state
    • Are moving to a new address?

    What is an official transcript?

    An official transcript is stamped and sealed. It should remain sealed until it is opened by the registrar or enrolling staff member at the new school. Generally, the new school will ask for the records to be faxed to them.

    What are withdrawal grades? 

    These are grades submitted by each teacher indicating grades the student has earned up to the time he/she left their class. The new school will need these grades to give the teachers some guidance as to how the student is performing in that class. Not all grades may transfer. It may depend on the availability of classes at the new school.

    Things that can assist to ensure a smooth transition 

    • Tell us when your child will be leaving as early as possible
    • Tell us where you are going and the name of your child's new school and the city, state
    • Call to discuss withdrawal procedures with the high school
    • When you get to the new school if you need further information or have questions, do not hesitate to call Edina High School

    Withdrawal for treatment or extended illness

    • Please contact your student's counselor or the school nurse

    Updated February 9, 2021