• EHS Counseling and Advising Services

    In alignment with the American School Counseling Association (ASCA), Edina High School recognizes that each student possesses unique interests, abilities and goals leading to diverse post-secondary and career opportunities. Through a collaborative, tiered service delivery model, EHS supports all students in the acquisition of the educational and social competencies necessary to both achieve their full potential and engage in effective, responsible global citizenship.

  • Individual Planning

    • Student Contact (1:1 & Group)
    • Personalized Learning Advocate
    • Post-secondary Planning/Transition
  • Responsive Services

    • Resource Management
    • Service Referral
    • Liaison/Case Management
    • Academic/Personal/Social Support
    • Crisis Management
  • System Support

    • Site Leadership
    • Collaboration with Key Partners
    • Professional Development
    • Stakeholder Communication



College & Career

Personal & Social