Parent Volunteers

  • Parents play a vital role in the success of their athletes and this team.  

    Our Captains Parents take a lead in coordinating support but they cannot do it all or even most of it on their own.  Parent volunteers are needed throughout the season to fill a variety of roles.  There is no requirement to know anything about ski racing.  Assistance is needed with numerous logistics and activities from planning the year-end banquet to coordinating a number of activities throughout the season, including team finances, apparel, fundraisers, team dinners, invite and section support/tent and a bunch of other stuff that I'm surely forgetting or don't even know about.  Please review your calendars and commit to volunteering for at least one role during the season.   

    Gate Judge Training
    Note:  Only the the SL portion of the videos below are applicable.  The video is a bit dated and some minor rules differences exist, but it still provides a good general overview:
    PDF file (again, some rules differences exist, but the general information is still applicable):