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School Start/End Time Study


    Administration recommends moving Creek Valley to third tier for 2017-18 school year

    Feb. 27, 2017
    At the Feb. 6 school board work session the school board supported the administration completing a further review of the 2017-18 school start/end times for Creek Valley Elementary School. The review was based on the following charge: 

    The district administration will review and further assess the approved 2017-18 Creek Valley Elementary Start/End Times to determine if a modification to the school's start/end times could enhance the district’s 2017-18 start/end times plan.

    The administration gathered input from the 2017-18 Creek Valley staff and families, as well as completed an operational/fiscal feasibility assessment in completing the review. A full report of the findings will be presented to the school board by the administration and the report will be shared with the board and public prior to the school board meeting on February 27, 2017.



Administrative Recommendation for revised 2017-18 School Start/End Times
  • Notes on recommendation:

    • Recommendation requires the purchase three additional buses, for which the administration will determine the most fiscally responsible approach to funding
    • Recommendation increases transportation’s operational costs by $150,000, which will be included as a one-time expense in the 2017-18 budget proposal
    • Recommendation increases the average bus travel time for the Tier III neighborhood elementary schools by 5 minutes
    • No additional school start/end changes will occur from the school board approved plan for the 2017-18 school year.

    In addition, administration is also recommending continued study of optimal school times for Edina Public Schools, to include 

    • Reconvening the School Start/End Times Task Force in fall 2017 for district-wide recommendation for 2018-19 and
    • Ongoing research and data collection on the impact of school start/end times on student learning
    • Conducting transportation efficiency studies with updated enrollment data to better inform options development