General Information/FAQs

  • The Edina Alpine Ski Team has a long tradition of excellence and is one of the most successful athletic programs at Edina High School. 

    Collectively, the team has earned 19 State Championships.  Our girls team has earned 10 Team State Championships with 6 girls earning Individual State Championships. Our boys team has also earned 9 State titles along with 5 Individual State Champions.  These outstanding achievements are the result of superior personal talent, years of extremely hard work, and incredible dedication to the sport of ski racing. We continue to work hard each year to attain our maximum personal and team potential. 

    The following are answers to many of the questions that prospective team members and parents have:

    Who can join the team?

    Any athletically eligible, expert recreational skier in grade 9 through 12 is encouraged to join us.  Many of our athletes have extensive racing experience, but it's not required.  This is a highly competitive sport where the fastest, most consistent racers will compete at the Varsity level. Our team typically has about 50 athletes total; 12 boys and 12 girls will compete on Varsity at each conference race.


    What is the alpine ski/race format?

    All races are slalom(SL) format and based on FIS rules

    Races follow a team scoring format where individual performances determine team results.  Athletes earn team points based on their respective place at the finish.  Each athlete has the opportunity to complete two runs down the race course.  The racer with lowest combined time for both runs is deemed the winner and earns the maximum number of points for their team.  Subsequent racers also earn points for their team based on their individual placement in the race.  However, only points from a team's top 7 racers (actual number may vary based on the race) are scored for their respective team. The team with the highest scored points total is deemed the winner. 

    In addition to the team format, an athlete's individual results at the Section meet may earn them the opportunity to compete at the State meet for an individual championship.


    Is there a “JV” team?

    Yes. Athletes that don't compete on the Varsity team may be eligible to compete on the Junior Varsity (JV) team.  JV races are typically held on Fridays at Hyland Hills.  There is a conference championship JV meet.


    Does everyone make the team or will there be “cuts”?

    Typically, our program does not make cuts.  However, due to hill space limitations and/or insufficient skiing skills, cuts may be necessary. This cannot be determined until we've had a chance to ski together for a few days.


    When does the season start?

    The first official practice begins Monday, November 30, 2020. This is a dry land session that takes place at the high school.  Check our calendar for details.


    When does the team practice?

    Dry land practice will take place Monday through Friday most weeks until there is enough snow to ski. We will be on snow as soon as Hyland Hills is open to skiing and conditions are conducive to effective training. Once on snow, our practice time is typically between 5:15pm to 7:00pm Monday through Thursday. Practice times may vary due to hill space and lane availability, so please be flexible!  Our calendar is always updated with the latest information.


    Does a bus take athletes to practice?

    No. It is the responsibility of each athlete to get themselves to all practices on time.  A bus is provided for travel to Varsity races, which leaves from Door #6 at the high school. Buses are not provided for JV races at Hyland.


    How much does it cost?

    There are two team related fees:

    1. An activity fee of $215.00 is payable to the school at registration.

    2. A separate team fee of $150.00 made to "Edina Alpine Ski Team" to cover additional expenses, such as team banquet, team t-shirts, etc.; the Alpine Boosters/Captains Parents will collect this.

    In addition, each athlete must possess a valid lift ticket anytime they are on the hill.  Athletes who choose not to purchase a season pass must purchase a daily lift ticket.  Contact Hyland Hills Ski Area for latest ticket/season pass pricing.


    How do I register?  What forms do I need to get filled out and turned in?

    All registration is completed online.  If you have not participated in a fall sport, you must read, fill out and return the "full sports packet", this includes submitting a physical exam form. Visit the Edina Schools - Hornet Activities website for additional information.


    When do I need to sign up?

    Registration is open from Oct 27, 2020 through November 27, 2020.  Check the Edina Schools - Hornet Activities website for additional information.


    What if I have other questions about the alpine ski team?

    Contact Jared at He will get back to you as soon as possible!

MSHSL State Team Championships

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