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  • Credit for Prior Learning

    In accordance with state statute, Edina Public Schools provides processes by which students in grades 9-12 may earn course credit by demonstrating mastery of course power standards through assessment or submitted evidence. This option aligns with the district’s mission to personalize learning for students through competency-based learning and providing multiple pathways to credit accomplishment.

    The intent of the policy is to provide credit for learning that occurs in other schools, alternative learning sites, postsecondary enrollment option, advanced enrichment programs, out-of-school experiences, work-based learning and other education. Parameters for credit for prior learning include:
    • Available for graduation-required coursework only
    • A student may attempt to earn credit for prior learning only once for each course
    • A student may not earn more than two credits per year (eight credits toward graduation) via this credit option
    • To be awarded credit for the course with P for “passing” on a student’s transcript, students must:
      • Acquire a score at or above 3 (meets expectations) for evidence assessed using a rubric
      • Acquire at least 80% on the exam
    Students must complete and submit an application for credit for prior learning (Appendix I) to his or her counselor at least 45 days prior to the start of the course. Credit by assessment exam opportunities will be offered in January and August each year. Students must submit all evidence used to determine credit for prior learning no later than 10 days prior to the start of the course.

    * Students who wish to pursue credit for prior learning should meet with their counselor.

    For more details about credit for prior learning, see Board Policy 620.
    Course Credit for Learning Online Application
  • In order to adhere to the guidelines outlined in Policy 620, two credit by assessment dates are offered. In rare cases, exceptions to this timeline may be made for extenuating circumstances. Students applying for credit for prior learning will be contacted directly to set up a personalized plan.