• Background

    UPDATE: The following daily schedule recommendation was approved by the school board at its Dec. 12, 2016 meeting.

    The following information was presented to the School Board at its Nov. 14, 2016 meeting. Click here to see the full presentation, video and executive summary. 

Criteria for Evaluating Schedule

  • The schedule that best fits with criteria

    7 period "modified" with two block days

    • M, T, F: 7 periods
    • W, Th: Block Days

    After reviewing the various schedule options, administration recommended to the board a 7-period modified schedule including two days of a block schedule. According to the core planning team, this hybrid model:

    • expands opportunities for all students
    • allows for systemic and sustainable intervention during the school day
    • Includes block days that can slow down the day and week for teachers and students
      • Blocks can be used for rich, time intensive learning.
      • “Flex block” times allow for a variety of opportunities