• Student Drop-off/Pick-up

  • Traffic at and around EHS includes the 500 student vehicles, 200 staff vehicles, 36 buses, and hundreds of parent vehicles sharing Valley View Road with the regular traffic. With all of these vehicles using a single road to access campus it is imperative that we ask your assistance in following a few pick-up and drop-off procedures. These procedures are intended to improve both safety and convenience.

    Students are always encouraged to use District transportation. Running full buses and reducing drop-offs and pick-ups is the simplest way to reduce congestion and improve safety.

    Drop off

    • The on-campus student drop off location is a the main entrance to Edina High School.
    • Student drop off can also be done in the west-bound stopping lane to the south of Valley View Middle School. Students are cautioned that they must walk outside to EHS since Valley View Middle School is in session during the time that EHS students are arriving.
    • EHS Map for student drop off.


    • During the regular school day (8:30-3:15) parents should pick-up their students outside of the Main Entrance. Students are required to check with the receptionist before leaving.
    • After 3:00 pm the on-campus student pick-up location is outside of the Main Entrance. Parents may also wait for students between Door 1 and Door 2.
    • Door 3 is also a pick-up location for students with limited mobility. All private vehicles must yield to District or contracted vehicles that assist in transporting these students.
    • Parents may exit near Door 1 when the intersection is monitored by EHS security staff.
    • EHS Map for student pick-up.

    Students Purchasing Daily Permits

    • Students that purchase daily permits should park in the North Lot prior to purchasing their permit.
    • Students that create congestion by stopping at the main entrance will not be sold a daily permit.

    Courtesy and Safety

    • Students that are unable to meet safety or courtesy expectations will have their parking privileges revoked. Any vehicle that is operated in a manner that endangers others will be reported to Edina Police.
    • U-turns are not permitted on Valley View Road or at St. Patrick’s Church.
    • All vehicles are expected to depart from campus in an orderly manner. Drivers must allow other vehicles to alternately turn into the departure queue.
    • All vehicles must follow the traffic directives of EHS security staff.


    • Students arriving prior to 8:30 may enter the building through main entrance.
    • Visitors and parents should enter through the main entrance and register there.
    • Complete Drop-off and Pick-up Information