• Attendance

  • Report an Absence

    Please continue to excuse your student's absences (including Covid related absences) with the online system or by calling the attendance line.

    If you have questions for the school nurse, please contact one of the following nurses:
    Deb Link - Health Services Nurse
    Donna Dyson - Health Services Nurse

    Online process to excuse your child from school!
      Our goal is to move all student attendance request to the online system.  For the 2020-2021 school year, families will have the option to use the online system or call the attendance line. If you are unable to access the parent portal, please email parentportal@edinaschools.org for your login information. 

    Click here for a tutorial on how to excuse your student online.
    Click here for a Screencast with easy to follow instructions

    This year you have the option to call the attendance line at 952-848-3802 if your student will be out for an absence. We would prefer that you call before 12:00 noon on the day of the absence, but you can call at anytime. Absences will not be excused after 48 hours and will be considered unexcused.

    When you call the attendance line, we request the following information regarding the absence: 

    • full name of your student, including the spelling of the last name
    • date and time of the absence 
    • reason for the absence
    • approximate time of return 
    • phone number where you may be reached 

    When to keep your student at home

    If you have questions about when you should keep your student home for an illness, please see this guide.

    For purposes of tracking influenza, it is important that you report the following symptoms if they apply to your student:

    • fever of 100 degrees or over 
    • sore throat
    • and/or a cough

    Student Handbook - Rights and Responsibilities

    The purpose of the Edina High School Attendance Policy reflects our desire to have each student attend all classes and arrive on time. Please see the Student Handbook for provisions and procedures of the policy.  Student/Parent Handbook  It is expected that parents will support the intent of the policy and encourage their children to have good attendance. 

    Attendance Policy Chart

    The Attendance Policy Chart should help answer any questions students and parents may have about attendance.

    College visit, vacation or other pre-planned event (Only for absences of 3 or more days) 

    We request that all families who are planning to miss school due to family vacations or college visits to contact teachers 2-3 weeks prior to the trip to make arrangements with them to have students make up missing work. At least five days prior to the absence families should complete and submit the 2019-2020 Pre-Arranged Absence Form.  Please note that the absences, though excused, will be counted toward the student’s 9 limited absences per semester.

    Late Arrivals

    • Students arriving to school late than 8:30am should enter through the main entrance, register, and obtain a pass to class.
    • Students arriving late are responsible to ensure that teachers change the online absence notation to a tardy.

    Early Dismissal

    • Students who need to leave school early, must obtain a pass at the main entrance. Students should complete this prior to the start of school, obtain the pass, and inform their teacher(s) of the dismissal.
    • Students must sign out at the main entrance prior to leaving the school building. Students should be picked up in front the main entrance.
    • Complete Drop-off and Pick-up Information
    • EHS/VV Traffic Flow Map
Students on the first day of school