• Start/End Times

School Start/End Time Advisory Task Force

  • Background

    As part of the ongoing implementation of its Next Generation of Edina Public Schools Strategic Plan, the district is exploring options for school start and end times at the all of its school sites (elementary, middle school and high school). With upcoming changes to middle and high school grade configurations in the fall of 2017, as well as updates to school facilities and programs district-wide, the School Board charged administration with explore options for different start/end times for implementation with the 2017-18 school year.


    The purpose of the Next Generation School Start/End Times Advisory Task Force was to analyze pertinent information and consider options for school start/end at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. Recommendations will inform the School Board and administration as part of their implementation of the Next Generation of Edina Public Schools Strategic Plan.

    Application Process

    An open call for applicants and recruitment of student, parents and staff was held June through September, in addition to targeted recruitment to ensure broad district representation on the task force.

    Membership Requirements

    • Desire to be engaged in creating Next Generation learning opportunities
    • Willingness to meet, learn, problem solve, innovate and champion the Next Generation of Edina Public Schools
    • Commitment to exploring a variety of options that maximizing resource efficiencies and advance learning for all students.
    • Ability to attend all School Start/End Time Advisory Task Force meetings.

    Task Force Process

    Data Analysis

    Information will be presented at each meeting by various sources on applicable topics, including but not limited to:

    • Next Generation of Edina Public Schools Strategic Plan
    • Demographic and enrollment trends and projections
    • School Board guiding parameters
    • Transportation schedules and impacts
    • Additional research and best practices

    Consensus Building

    Through small and large group explorations and discussions, the School Start/End Time Advisory Task Force will gain consensus on the district’s learning needs and provide options with benefits and challenges to administration. Administration will assess this input and present draft options to the School Board for discussion on Nov. 14, 2016.