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    Hennepin County Public Works/Environmental Services provides this Best Practices Guide for Recycling
    Recyclable vs. Organic Update
    Hennepin County has offered some clarification on milk cartons, our food service food boats, and paper towels:
    • Milk cartons should go in the trash.
    • Paper food service boats should go in organics. The boats themselves may be recyclable, but food-soiled paper is not recyclable. Therefore, we recommend putting all boats in the organics instead of trying to distinguish between soiled and clean enough.
    • Facial tissues (Kleenex, Puffs, etc.) are NOT organic or recyclable! All facial tissues must go in the trash. 
    • Paper towels cannot be recycled. It is recommended that classrooms that have a paper towel dispenser have a small organics bin. These do not need to be lined.


    Go Green at Countryside

    Countryside Elementary wanted to help students understand how to sort their lunch room disposables in the correct way. With help from the Go Green Committee and a cast of students and Countryside staff, they produced this video in September 2016.




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  • Cornelia leadership group sings, raps about recycling
    Procedures on how to recycle at Cornelia Elementary were put to music in March 2015.