• The Edina Synchro team does not cut anyone.
    Our philosophy is to make a place for anyone who has an interest in synchronized swimming. We try and place every swimmer on, at least, 1 routine. Routine possibilities are Teams 4-8 people, Trios 3 people, Duets 2 people, and/or a Solo. Being an alternate is also a possibility.
    Swimmers are welcome with or without synchronized swimming experience.  
    - Swimmers should be able to swim freestyle and have a basic knowledge of swimming strokes.
    - Swimmers need to swim comfortably in deep water and upside down. 
    - Historically, most Edina Synchronized Swimmers come in with little to no synchro experience. This is a sport that you are never to old to learn.
    The first two weeks of practice:
    - During this time we are building strength, working on swimming skills, and teaching/practicing synchro skills.
    - The coaches are watching the swimmers to come up with routine combinations for the season. 

    Selection Process: There are many aspects that we look at when selecting routine.

    - Some of the areas we are looking at, percent of focus and effort during practices, dedication, current/potential skill level, execution of skills, egg beater heights, figures, leadership potential to a routine, prior division qualifications and needs of the team(ie. each position in a lift is covered). We also try to put people with similar season goals together. Returning swimmers, figure scores from the previous year, will be looked at.