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    The results are in – the kids have spoken:

    President/Vice President             Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine
    US Representative District 3       Erik Paulsen
    US Representative District 5       Keith Ellison
    Assoc. Justice                           Michelle McDonald
    State Senate                              Melisa Franzen
    State Rep District 49A                Ron Erhardt
    State Rep District 49B                Paul Rosenthal
    Edina Mayor                              James Hovland
    County Commissioner                Bruce Wayne Kelly
    Council Member                         Mike Fischer and Jennifer Janovy
    Constitutional Ammend.              Yes


    Total number or EPS students who voted – 3462.   
    Kids Voting Edina returns to K-12 classrooms and election polls

    Sept. 29, 2016
    logo Kids Voting Edina is returning to classrooms and the community for the fifth time this election season. The national grassroots, non-partisan program aims to educate youth about the election process and our country’s democracy system.

    Curriculum materials and optional lessons have been provided to teachers that align with Minnesota social studies standards. This material is created by the national initiative, Kids Voting U.S.A., which a handful of other Minnesota school districts, and Edina, have adapted for use.

    On Election Day, students are encouraged to join their parents in voting on specially prepared student ballots at their family’s official designated city polling place. After casting their own votes, students can accompany adults into their booths to see how actual general election voting happens. Like the real thing, student ballots are scanned and results are reported by Edina Public Schools the following day. Edina High School students will have their own election at school, and students may volunteer with adults at the official polling places.

    Kids Voting curriculum differs through the grade levels and introduces the concepts of public service and civic participation. Kindergarten through grade 2 lessons focus on cooperative work and learning how jobs, like police and firefighting, are a public service. Grades 3 through 5 lessons focus on gathering and interpreting media news about political candidates, and include discussions on the credibility of information sources, whether believable or not, and how this may or may not influence voting.

    At the high school level, the curriculum offers guidance and resources to help teachers handle tough questions as students raise issues and opinions in the classroom. Kids Voting Edina supports district educational goals, including personalized and lifelong learning, and helping create a community of responsible, engaged citizens.

    “I’ve seen such excitement with Edina Kids Voting over the years, with kids showing up at the polls with their parents, gaining exposure to and practice with voting,” said Julie Rogers Bascom, the service-learning coordinator for the district and coordinator of Kids Voting Edina. “We know that one of the barriers to voting is being unsure of what to do. Now that our students are experienced ‘voters,’ they will be prepared to vote when they turn 18.”

    For more information, or to volunteer, contact Julie Rogers Bascom.