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Translation/Interpretation Resources

  • Edina Public Schools believes every student should have equal access to educational opportunities. We know how important parent and family involvement with school is to student success. We make a concentrated effort to provide equity in access to communications by providing translation and/or interpretation services regarding school and district-related information, concerns and programs to meet the language needs of non-English speakers.

    Plan ahead!

    Anticipate interpretation and translation needs when conferences, field trips and other school events are coming up. Also be ready to access resources when a concern develops in the classroom. Seek interpretation or translation assistance if the communication:

    • pertains to student’s academic success (conferences, concerns about academic progress)
    • pertains to student behavior (absenteeism, discipline)
    • requires parent permission/signature for an activity or event
    • relays important classroom information that parent has a right to know or needs to know in order to participate (field trip, classroom/school event)

    Ask yourself…

    Does this issue/event warrant a phone call or face-to-face meeting? If so, then call for a phone or in-person interpreter.

    Does this issue/event warrant an email or written note to parent? If so, then access translation assistance.

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