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Translation Resources

  • Written Translation Services

    The district has contracted with Verbatim Solutions for the translation of written documents. This service has been used to translate large documents, such as the Family Handbook and Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook, as well as a number of common documents that are used throughout the district, including health forms. This service is also available to help you meet the needs of our students. To manage this resource properly, you are asked to submit a Document Translation Request form to the translation request review team at epstranslate@edinaschools.org  Please allow at least 3 days for translation.

    Each request will be considered using the following criteria:

    • Does the document require a parent or guardian signature?
    • Is the document a legally mandated communication?
    • Does this communication help ensure equal access to programs and opportunities?
    • Does this document communicate student-specific information (grades, score reports, etc.)?
    • Is the document one that a parent may need to refer to again later?
    • Did a parent/parents request to have this information translated?
    • Is this a document that will be archived for use in subsequent school years or for other classrooms and buildings?
    • Is this communication time-sensitive? (If so, by when must you have the translated document?)


    Google Translate

    Using Google’s online translation resource can be a good way to meet a translation need that is simple, brief and comes up quickly. If there is a sentence or paragraph in a newsletter about a classroom celebration or yearbook sales, for example, using Google Translate will most likely be effective. However, it is important to know that this resource largely translates word-by-word, not contextually, so sometimes meaning can be lost in the translation. Therefore, any written communication that is complex, important to student success or lengthy, should be submitted for translation using the form above.

Translated Document Library

  • The district is building this online library of commonly used documents and forms that we have had translated to Spanish and Somali, to support the two largest ethnic groups in the district. Please check this library of documents to see if what you need translated is already available for you to print or link to in your communications with families. If you do not find what you need, complete a translation request form. Documents will continue to be added to this library throughout the year.

Miscellaneous Documents

Health Forms/Documents