• Outerwear Expectations

     Common Expectations for Outerwear and consequences for not having appropriate outerwear:

     1. A visual display in each classroom will help students understand what they need to wear to recess on a given day.  Classroom teachers, along with recess supervisors, will help reinforce expectations. 

    2. Students will hang their coats before lunch when coats are required for recess.

    3.  If it is below 40 degrees students have to have a coat.  (If they are hot, they unzip their coat.)

    4.  Snowpants and boots are required when there is accumulated snow on the ground.  No snowpants or boots = students have to stay on the blacktop.  Teacher can restrict where students sit/walk in the classroom if they have wet apparel.

    5.  Boots worn outside cannot be the same boots worn inside.  Ex., If girls choose to wear Uggs or fashion boots in school, they need snow boots for outside.  Ex., If boys have shoe/boots, they must have separate shoe/boots for outside.

    6.  Hats, mittens, etc. required below freezing (32 degrees). No coat, hat/hood, mittens = students deal with being cold and the teacher chooses whether or not to contact the parents.