Gifted Education

  • Identification 

    Students are provided with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their academic strengths, talents and interests. Currently, a combination of standardized test scores, classroom performance and teacher recommendation are used to identify student need for gifted education service that would best meet a student’s needs.

    Edina Public Schools has established guidelines and a process for evaluating students for gifted education service. Evaluation allows us to plan and monitor service and ensure appropriate academic growth. Formal identification for gifted service occurs after careful examination of data and other information from the gifted education coordinator and building gifted education specialist. A student’s need for gifted service is based on a variety of factors. The resulting evidence of need may point toward strategic or intensive programming beyond the regular classroom.

    Evidence of Need

    In building evidence of student need for gifted education service, information is gathered from multiple areas, as available:

    1. Math: Two MAP scores of 99th percentile; Reading: Two MAP scores of 97th percentile
      • From most recent MAP assessments from Grades 2+ (i.e. previous and current school year, except Grade 2 where it is only current school year
    2. One MAP score and other supporting information

    Process of Identification

    As early as grade two, each student who has one screening score or more is evaluated by gifted education staff to determine whether a need for gifted education service exists. Each time new information becomes available, the student's needs are reevaluated. Possible outcomes are:

    • Sufficient data is gathered to support a student’s need for gifted education service. The student is placed for service in his or her area of exceptionality in math, reading, or both. (Has two placement scores in one subject plus additional supporting data.)
    • Additional information is required to demonstrate a student’s need for service. (Has only one placement score.)
    • The evidence gathered reveals that the student’s needs are met most effectively by the classroom teacher. (No placement scores.)

    Parents or guardians of students identified to receive gifted service will be notified by district communication, currently via mail. Those who believe they should have received a letter should contact Debra Richards, Gifted Education Coordinator,


    An appeals process may be initiated by notifying the building principal or Gifted Education Specialist in writing. The appellant will meet with the specialist to review data. New information may be introduced to clarify inaccuracies, review decisions, and propose a future course of action. A subsequent written appeal may be made to the Coordinator of Gifted Education Services for further review.

    Service Placement

    Service placements are reviewed yearly to ensure that students are in the setting that best meets their needs.

    Change of Service

    Change of service may occur when students have two consecutive below-screening scores.

    Students Transferring to Edina

    Participation in a gifted program in another school district does not automatically qualify a student for gifted service in Edina. We have a rigorous gifted education curriculum that is often a challenge for students transferring into the district. We therefore evaluate an incoming student’s needs in the same way we evaluate the needs of all Edina students. However, because another district’s identification process may give us enough information to make a placement decision, parents should submit the relevant documentation to their building’s specialist.