• Research and Evaluation

  • Surveys and Research

    In keeping with Edina Public Schools commitment to quality and continuous improvement, surveys and research projects are conducted annually or as needed.


    Districtwide Opinion Survey

    This survey is used to gather the opinions and perceptions of parents, students, and staff about school climate, safety, teaching and learning, and teacher/student relationships. The information is used to develop plans to improve how we serve our students.

    Department/School Building Initiated Surveys

    In response to requests from various district departments, we have conducted or are conducting surveys in order to gather information about programs and/or services. Some examples are the Special Services survey in which parents, students and staff opinions and perceptions were gathered about the services provided. The Facilities Survey will provide valuable information about the condition and usability of our school buildings and facilities. Individual school buildings have also conducted surveys that have asked site-specific questions about programs, services, student safety, and teacher/student relationships. Information from these surveys is used to develop new programs as well as to improve existing programs and services.


    Policy on External Research

    Edina Public Schools welcomes the opportunity to collaborate, conduct and implement ongoing research that will benefit the lives of Edina students and staff. However, it is also important to ensure that our employees and students are not subjected to requests that do not have a direct or lasting benefit to the Edina Public Schools. Therefore, Edina Public Schools reserves the right to review each research proposal and to consider:

    1. The rights and welfare of the students and public school employees involved;
    2. The appropriateness of the methods used to secure informed consent; and
    3. The balance of risks and potential benefits of the investigation.

    Persons or organizations wishing to conduct research in the Edina Public Schools must:

    • be recommended for approval by the principal(s) and teacher(s) of any school(s) and/or classroom(s) to be involved,
    • notify parents/guardians of any students to be involved upon approval by the district,
    • complete an External Research Request Form,
    • submit it to the Department of Research and Evaluation of Edina Public Schools.

    The Department of Research and Evaluation acts as the designee for approving all proposed research studies, surveys, and evaluation within the Edina Public Schools. All research proposals are subject to a review process. After a research proposal is reviewed, a written response will be sent to the principal investigator. Annually, the Director of Research and Evaluation will report the approval of research proposals in the Directors’ meeting.
    (The School Board Policy, External Research Request, includes detailed information).