• Summer School

  • 2021 Edina High School Credit Recovery Summer School

    Options alternative learning program at EHS provides summer school for Edina Public School students who have fallen behind in their graduation plan.  To be eligible for credit recovery summer school courses, students must have previously taken the course and students can register for up to one or two courses.  This program is not for grade acceleration.  Since summer school is competency based, if a student has earned less than 20% in a course, it is recommended that they repeat the full course during the upcoming school year. This can be done during the school day in the mainstream or in Edina‘s Alternative Learning Program (Options @ EHS.)

    SUMMER LEARNING PLATFORM: Face to Face and Virtual

    • Face to Face - Edina High School (pending CDC guidelines)
    • Distance Learning - Virtual


    • Dates: Wednesday, June 9th - Thursday, July 8, (Monday-Thursday)
    • Summer School Hours: 9 am-2:30 pm (students may sign up for 1 or 2 courses)
      • Students needing one credit will require a half day of learning and those needing two credits should plan to attend the full day.                           

    COURSES: English 9-12; Social Studies 9-12; Math: Intermediate Algebra,  Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics;  Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology. (Semester 1 & 2 courses available.)

    ATTENDANCE:  Due to the compact nature of summer curriculum, students absent more than twice will be dismissed from summer school. This guideline is not meant to be punitive, but is a reality in recovering credit for graduation in this short period of time.

    Program Details Here: If you are considering summer school, please click this link to review specific information regarding: course offerings, attendance requirements, credit/grading, behavior expectations and transportation.


    Heidi Howard:  Heidi.Howard@edinaschools.org 

    Gavin McLean: Gavin.Mclean@edinaschools.org


    • Your application will go directly to your counselor for review.