• Summer School

  • 2020 EHS Credit Recovery Summer School

    Options alternative learning program at Edina High School provides summer school for Edina Public School students who have fallen behind in their graduation plan.  Our mission in Options is to provide students with a high quality and personalized educational experience where students can recover credits needed for graduation. Summer school is for credit recovery only; students who wish to register for summer credit make-up classes must have completed and failed the course to retake it in the summer.  Summer is an opportunity to “fill learning gaps.” If a student has earned less than 30% in their course, summer is not an appropriate setting as it would be extremely difficult to learn an entire semester’s information in the shorter period of time. It is recommended that students who earn less than 30% in a course repeat the entire class during the next school year.  

    DETAILS (click here):  If you are considering summer school, please click this link to review specific information regarding: course offerings, attendance requirements, credit/grading, behavior expectations and transportation.


    Edina High School; Enter Door 17 
    6754 Valley View Road 
    Edina, MN 55439 


      • Dates: Wednesday, June 3 - Thursday, July 2
      • Session 1: 8:30am–11:30am, Monday - Thursday
      • Session 2:  12:00pm - 2:30pm, Monday - Thursday
        • Students must be enrolled in session 1 to be eligible for session 2.

    ATTENDANCE:  Due to the compact nature of curriculum offered over summer, students missing more than two classes for any reason (3 tardies will count the same as an absence) will be dismissed from summer school. This policy is not meant to be punitive, but is a reality in recovering credit for graduation in this short period of time.


    • When completed, your application is submitted directly to your counselor and you will get an email confirming that the application has been received.