• Media Center

  • Book Search

    1. A fiction book title that has an historical event
        a. Who is the author
        b. Call number
        c. How many copies do we have of this book
    2. An Easy Everybody book with a cat that’s cool
        a. Title
        b. Author
    3. Title of a funny joke book
        a. What is the call number
        b. What do you look up search term for joke books in French- does Normandale have any?
    4. A book that has a color in it – in Fiction, Everybody and can you find one in Non-Fiction?
    5. How many books have a little sister character in the title by Marc Brown
        a. Search words
        b. Character name
        c. How many titles

     6. A book with royalty in it
        a. Search word(s)
        b. Title
        c. Time period
        d. Fiction or Nonfiction
    7. Non fiction book about precious metals
        a. Search word- results
        b. How many pages
    8. How many books do we have about the American Revolution?
        a. How many of them are about the commander of the Continental Army?
        b. The Commander’s name
        c. Number of books about the Commender
    9. Who was the inventor of the telephone?
        a. Search terms
        b. Name of inventor
        c. Year of the telephone invention
    10. A book title with someone’s name in your class in the title
         a. Search terms
         b. Name
    11. Number of Caldecott books we have in the media center?
        a. Search term(s)
        b. Title of the 2015 winner
        c. Name of one of the Caldecott award books
    12. Number of books about US Presidents
        a. How many of the books are nonfiction
        b. How many are fiction
        c. Who was the President in 1980
    13. Author of the Newberry Award book in 2016?
        a. Title of the book
        b. How many Newberry award books are in this media center?
        c. Are any of the Newberry award books in Normandale nonfiction?
    14. How many books are written by Robert Munsch?
    15.What is your teams favorite title in French?
          Do we have this title in English? What is the name?
    16. What call number do you look for fairytales?
          a. What is the call number in French?
    17. How many books do we have about Football in the Normandale library?
        a. What is the nonfiction call number for football
        b. What is the nonfiction call number in French?