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Parent Portal Frequently Asked Questions

  • Click below to see answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new Parent Portal. If you have a question that is not listed below, contact parentportal@edinaschools.org.

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    What is the Portal?
    The Portal is a confidential and secure website that enables Single Sign On for parents, staff and students to access various applications. For parents at this time, the two applications are Infinite Campus and Schoology.

    What information is included in the Portal? Why would I use it?
    When you, as a parent or guardian, log-in to our Portal at http://portal.edinaschools.org you have access to information about your Edina student. There will be two icons one for Schoology and one for Infinite Campus.

    What are Infinite Campus and Schoology

    Infinite Campus

    All K-12 school districts use some sort of database system for managing student information and maintaining their records. This year Edina Public Schools has transitioned from TIES TSIS(Schoolview) to Infinite Campus, a districtwide student information system designed to manage attendance, grades, schedules, test scores, and other information about the students.

    Select Infinite Campus to see the following information:
    • Schedules
    • Student Grades
    • Attendance
    • District and School Notices
    • Teacher Notices
    • Transportation Information
    • Reports
    • Contact Information
    • Demographics


    Schoology is an online course management system that allows teachers to create and manage academic courses for their students. It provides teachers with a method of managing lessons, engaging students, sharing content, and connecting with other educators.

    Schoology is your child's virtual classroom. Select Schoology to see the following information:
    • Virtual Classes
    • Calendar of upcoming academic information
    • Potential Pilot for Gradebook
    • Classroom Assignments
    • Upcoming Announcements
    • Teacher Notices

    Who can access the Portal?
    Only parents and guardians designated with legal rights to student records may receive a Portal account. Each parent/guardian with such rights receives his/her own separate account. Accounts are NOT shared among more than one parent/guardian within households, i.e., there are no "household" accounts in the Portal. Each parent/guardian Portal account provides access to information for any student in which the parent/guardian has legal rights to records. Parents with designated legal rights should have received a letter with their logon information. New families will be provided information at the time of enrollment.

    When can I access the Portal?
    Parents and guardians can access the Portal at any time. However, some information may not be available during the summer months. Typically schedules or class lists are not available to parents or students until your school’s Get Connected Day, typically in August. Contact your child's school for more information about specific dates.

    How will my student access the Portal?
    Each student is provided a Portal account by school staff. This is the same username and password they use to access Edina Apps. Students started using the Portal during the 2015-2016 school year.

    How do I create a user account so I can use the Portal?
    The district office will mail you a Portal user account after your child is enrolled into the district. The Portal is located at: http://portal.edinaschools.org or by selecting the Portal link from the Parent Drop down menu on our website. We recommend you "bookmark" this location after you get your account enabled and working. The username and password will allow you to see student information, only for those children for whom you are a parent or guardian.

    Do I need any special software?
    To effectively access your Portal account you need:
    1. Internet Access. A minimum dial-up modem speed of 56Kbs — a slower connection works, but not as well.
    2. Computer with a processor speed of 500Mhz or better (MAC or PC).
    3. Web Browser — we suggest Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better for PC and Firefox for Mac.
    4. Adobe ReaderTM — This is a free document reader available for download on the web at http://get.adobe.com/reader/. There are some Infinite Campus reports that require the Adobe Reader.

    How can I get help navigating the system?
    Find directions on how to log in to the Portal in this document or video.

    What happens if I forget my ID/Password?
    If you wish to change your password you can do so from the Portal web page at anytime. Look under your name in the top right for “Reset Password.”

    If you forget your username and/or password contact ParentPortal@edinaschools.org.

    I didn't receive or lost the letter with the activation key. What should I do?
    Contact the Student Enrollment Center via email at parentportal@edinaschools.org.

    How often is information updated in the Portal?
    Information is updated in real time. However, the attendance office generally takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to collect data from various sources to update the student attendance record.

    Can I access the Portal from anywhere (e.g., home, work, library, etc.)?
    Yes, you may access the Portal from anywhere as long as you meet the minimum computer and Internet access requirements. See minimum requirements section.

    How do I add/change/correct my email address?
    You can update your email address at any time using the Portal, by click on Campus, then under User Account - click on Contact Preferences. Changing your email here will update your email across multiple platforms.

    How do I change/correct my telephone numbers?
    To add/change telephone numbers go through the Portal, click on Campus. Under Family, click on Household Information and then Update.

    How do I change/correct my residence address?
    Log into the Portal, click on Campus. Under Family, click on Household Information then Update.

    How can I add/delete additional contacts?
    Log in using your username and password - and follow the information on this sheet.

    What if I have questions about my student's grades, attendance, assignments, etc, that are found in Infinite Campus?
    The first contact is your student and then your student’s teacher or school counselor.

    Who can I talk to regarding attendance related issues?
    Call the Office at your student's school, but give them 24 to 48 hours before you call to report any errors.

    Can anyone else see my student's attendance, grades, etc.?
    Keep your username and password safe. If you think someone else knows your username or password, you may change the username or password. If you wish to change your password you can do so from the portal web page at anytime. Look under your name in the top right for “Reset Password”. All attempts at logging into the system are recorded and monitored. A full audit trail is tracked on sensitive data. You can view the audit trail at any time when logged into the system by clicking the "View Access Log" link on the left hand side of the screen. Students are able to see their own information. Students should NOT share their personal information with other students.

    Is there a way to view the Portal in other languages?
    At this time, Campus has provided a Spanish language version of the portal. While we do realize there are more languages than Spanish and English spoken among Edina Public Schools student households, the Portal has not been translated into other languages by the software company.

    I tried to login by my account has been disabled. What should I do?
    After three unsuccessful login attempts, the Portal disables your account for security purposes. In such cases please email parentportal@edinaschools.org for help.

    How do I report problems, comments or suggestions?
    You may send an email to parentportal@edinaschools.orgwith your full name, your student's name, and the description of your comment or suggestion.