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    Taking advantage of opportunities to develop and grow professionally will help balance your overall wellness.

    Having resources and the right tools will help with this. Boosting Career Wellness might also reduce the risk of anxiety and depression.* Use your strengths on a daily basis – focus on your strengths and daily successes instead of focusing on failures.

    Here are three recommendations for boosting Career Wellness: *
    • Every day, use your strengths.
    • Identify someone with a shared mission who encourages your growth. Spend more time with this person.
    • Opt into more social time with the people and teams at work that you enjoy being around.
    Check out the resources available to you to begin now!
    Looking to expand your public speaking skills? Want to learn how to speak better on your feet? Check out Toastmasters to expand your professional development.   toastmasters
    All EPS staff members are eligible to receive 20% off of Edina Community Education courses. Check out the catalog online and call 952-848-3952 to sign up and receive your discount.
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    Check out the WMEP Cultural Collaborative Professional Development Program for equity-focused educator growth.    wmep logo
    Check out the following articles for more resources on Work-life balance:
    * Rath, T. and Harter, J. (2010). Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements. Gallup Press.

Career Wellness Resources