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  • Social/Community Wellness

    Your connection to those around you and in your community can move your life from a good one to a great one.

    It is important to build relationships with those around us. Networking with your coworkers can help create a social bond. These can take place on-site or off-site. Social relationships can help us increase our other areas for wellness by acting as a partner and support system. In order to help Community wellness will grow, you need to focus on developing your social relationships.

    Tips to improve Social/Community Wellness:
    • Be aware of and recognize the importance of relationships with those around you.
    • Mix social or community time with physical activity, for example:
      • Take a long walk with a friend
      • Volunteer to clean up a park
    • Seek out new relationships or strengthen a relationship with an acquaintance.
     Check out the resources available to you!
    Learn more about ways you can volunteer right here in the district by checking out the Volunteer Program at EPS 
    Find ways to become more involved in Edina by checking out the Volunteer Program at City of Edina
     city of edina logo
    Find ways to volunteer in your area at Volunteer Match  volunteer match logo
    Visit this website for more ideas: Greater Twin Cities United Way  unitedway


Social Networking Ideas

    • Cook-offs (on-site or off-site)
    • Before or after work gatherings