• Edina Cheerleading Rules

    Practice/Competition Rules
    No gum, jewelry or glitter.
    Hair pulled back (off shoulders and out of eyes)!
    Nails must be cut for stunting safely.
    No cell phones on!
    Bring water!
    Always eat before practice and competitions.

    Practice/Competition Expectations
    Be on time!
    Be ready to work hard & accept constructive criticism from coaches.
    Use appropriate language at all times!

    Be Proud to be an Edina Cheerleader
    Be cooperative & respectful to coaches and teammates.
    Be courteous and helpful to other cheerleaders, classmates and spectators.
    Remember that someone is always watching & will know that you are an Edina Cheerleader.
    Be proud and act appropriately!
    Always communicate with Coaching Staff if you have a problem or concern!

    Stunting Rules
    Never stunt without coach.
    Never try stunts that your coach has not approved.
    Always be an attentive spotter!
    No horseplay while stunting!
    No talking while stunting, it is distracting & unsafe!
    Trust your coaches – we will make final decisions concerning stunting.

    Be the Best Athlete You Can Be
    Give your body proper rest!
    Know the difference between pain and injury.
    Have a friendly and positive attitude.
    Give 100% effort ALWAYS!
    Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.