• Edina Cheerleading Expectations

    1. Absolutely NO use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco will be permitted!
        EHS Athletic Guidelines will be strictly adhered to with respect to
        this type of violation.
    2. EHS Athletic Guidelines will be followed with respect to academic progress.
    3. All other violations will follow EHS Athletic Guidelines.
    4. If a cheerleader is named an alternate, she must attend all practices in order
        to perform at games and school events with the team. In regards to competitions,
        alternate status can change at any time, due to attendance, illness/injury or skill level.
        Your coaching staff is available to answer questions about alternate status. As an
        alternate you are invited to participate actively in practice. Please continue to
        communicate with your coaches on a daily basis to ensure you are prepared to rejoin
        the team in competition or performance at any moment.
    5. Cheerleading by nature is a highly relational sport, involving trust and confidence in
        your teammates with whom you are performing. Cheerleading practices and
        competitions will be a positive place. The expectation is that you will respect your
        teammates in and out of these events to ensure this trust is in place and providing the
        safest space possible. If there are any relational issues please report them to your coach
        to hopefully defuse the situation and maintain our safe cheerleading environment.
    6. A team curfew will be enforced during the competition season.  A violation of team
        curfew will result in removal from the pending performance/competition and may
        result in alternate status.

    1. The standard practice schedule will be given at the beginning of each season.
    2. Practice starts at the published time, which means the mat is rolled out and the
        entire team is ready to stretch on the floor.  No food or drinks are allowed on the cheerleading mat.
    3. Members must be dressed and have their hair in a ponytail at the beginning of practice. 
        Practice attire includes: shorts (not sweatpants), practice t
    shirts, shoes, and socks.
    4. Each cheerleader must be present at all practices.  All academic duties should try to be scheduled
        on the other days of the week.  In the event that a cheerleader must miss part of a practice due to an
        academic duty, it is required that she/he contact their coach in advance with a note from her/his teacher
        to clear her/his tardiness to practice.

    Your leadership is important to the success of our season.
    You responsibilities are as follows:
    Enforce all rules of the organization.
    Preside at all meetings and practices.
    Assist in directing practices, serve as a leader of the group and maintain discipline within it.
    Supervise other officers in their duties, help out where needed, and make sure everyone is doing their job.
    Make sure all Cheerleaders are aware of what is expected of them and see their obligations are fulfilled.
    Run the warmup routine.
    Make sure that the practice area is cleaned up after practice.
    Maintain an accurate schedule of Cheerleading events.
    Be chemically free.
    In charge of all mass communications.
    In charge of calling cheers at games, making appearance decisions for games and competitions.
        If a captain does not meet these requirements she may be released from her role as a team captain.