The $215 registration fee is set by and paid to the school.
    $35-38 custom printed Nike Jersey. (Player must supply ALL BLACK bottom of their choice)
    Uniforms are worn on match days
    We hold a car wash fundraiser in May. We require all girls to buy $21 worth of tickets and sell them to family, friends, & neighbors,
    5x $7.00, this helps pay for our skills coaches and some banquet costs. When you sell your tickets, there is no cost to you.
    A racket is recommended, you can purchase one from a sporting good store approx. $25-35, use a supplied racket (which are just ok) or buy a racket through Edina Badminton ($65.00) which we have custom strung. We've found it's a great racket for all level of players, about 75% of the girls use this racket. Some players purchase higher level racquets, we have many different styles to test.
    Practice & Try-outs 
    Try-out week is March 2-6 and is open to grades 9-12 girls, 7-8 graders with exceptional ability may register as an exceptional athlete. Check with the athletics office or contact us for further information.
    In order to try-out /play a student will need to be registered before March 5th, we do extend it to March 7th as girls are sick, on vacation, new to registration etc.  The process is on the school website and takes you through what needs to be done.  
    However you can not attend practice/try-outs until we receive your name from the athletic dept. verifying your registration.
    We have tried to support a no-cut policy, however if numbers become prohibitive we may need to roster cut. Give your best effort during try-out week and come prepared; we will help teach skill to everyone the first week.  Registration fees are refundable for players that are cut. 
    The Edina Activities Department provides a shuttle bus service between the two campuses at no charge to the athlete. There is no return shuttle at the end of practice. check with the school for location and times