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    staff Students are not the only ones who need good health. An employee’s mental health and physical health are essential to the success of a school system. As a district we want to provide our staff with education, support, and resources in order to assist employees on their journey of wellness. This will help to improve quality of life, create a work-life balance, and lower healthcare costs.
    Visit this page often for healthy tips and links to wellness newsletters and resources. 

    Healthy Tips

    Avoiding Spring Allergies

    Avoiding Spring Allergies Allergy season is already upon us in certain parts of the United States, and unseasonably warm weather is partially at fault. The combination of blooming flowers, pollen in the air and warmer temperatures are a nightmare for allergy sufferers. Keep the following tips in mind if you are affected by seasonal allergies when spring arrives:
    • Take off your shoes as soon as you get home and leave them by the door. This will reduce the number of pollutants inside your home.
    • Take a shower before you go to bed. This helps you avoid taking mold or pollen to bed with you.
    • Avoid going outdoors when the pollen count is high, which is typically during hot, dry and windy days.
    • Do some spring cleaning. Dust accumulated indoors over the course of the winter can sometimes be worse than outdoor allergies.  

Employee Assistance Program

  • Receive support for life's challenges through the Employee Assistance Program. Counseling and other types of assistance are available to help you cope with grief, stress, addiction, relationship change, depression and other situations that can make your daily personal and professional life difficult. 
    All Staff Members
    Access the Employee Assistance Program in one of two ways:
    Call toll-free:  866-451-5465
    (Note: Tell them you receive EAP services through National Insurance Services, not the school district.)
    Password: NISenhanced
    Blue Cross Blue Shield Members
    Call toll-free: 800-432-5155 

    Online: bluecrossmn.com/eap