• Staff Wellness

    Staff Wellness Mission

    staff Students are not the only ones who need good health. An employee’s mental health and physical health are essential to the success of a school system. As a district we want to provide our staff with education, support, and resources in order to assist employees on their journey of wellness. This will help to improve quality of life, create a work-life balance, and lower healthcare costs.

    Healthy Tips


    Remember to Get a Flu Shot ach year, thousands of people get sick, and some even die, because of the flu. People 65 years and older face the highest risk, but even generally healthy people can become very sick from the flu. That’s why getting an annual flu vaccination is so important—it can greatly reduce your chances of getting sick and prevent you from spreading the flu to your family, friends and co-workers. Flu season started in October and runs all the way through May, so the earlier you get vaccinated, the sooner you’ll be protected. And remember, it can take up to two weeks after the vaccination for the antibodies that protect you to develop in your system, so the longer you wait, the longer you’re at risk. You can get vaccinated by your doctor, but many health care centers and pharmacies also offer the flu vaccine. Don’t wait; make sure you get your flu vaccine as soon as possible!

Employee Assistance Program

  • Receive support for life's challenges through the Employee Assistance Program. Counseling and other types of assistance are available to help you cope with grief, stress, addiction, relationship change, depression and other situations that can make your daily personal and professional life difficult. 
    All Staff Members
    Access the Employee Assistance Program in one of two ways:
    Call toll-free:  866-451-5465
    (Note: Tell them you receive EAP services through National Insurance Services, not the school district.)
    Password: NISenhanced
    Blue Cross Blue Shield Members
    Call toll-free: 800-432-5155 

    Online: bluecrossmn.com/eap