• Business Services

    2016 Budget Advisory Task Force 

  • Meeting Schedule and Agendas

    The BATF will meet three times in public meetings. The public is invited to attend and observe BATF meetings. Engagement of such attendees will be encouraged as appropriate.
    Through small and large group explorations and discussions, the BATF will gain consensus on the district’s learning needs and recommend to the administration by March 9, 2016 budget adjustments to address the district’s operating budget gap and help plan for future resource investments.  
    All meetings will be in the Edina Community Center, Room 349, and will go from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Here are the meeting dates and agendas:

    Meeting 1 - Tuesday, Feb. 23

    • Charge – aligning resources to learning
    • Budget background and strategic plan information
    • BATF expectations, potential challenges
    • BRRRG categories and prioritization
    • Next Steps

    Meeting 2 - Monday, Feb. 29

    • Review BATF charge and Meeting 1 discussion
    • Sharing and discussion of additional data and information
    • Prior year budget findings and options
    • Identify budget areas and prioritization
    • Additional targeted discussions on BRRRG
    • Next Steps   

    Meeting 3 - Tuesday, March 8

    • Review BATF charge and Meeting II discussion
    • BRRRG Recommendations for 2016-17
      • Feedback
    • BRRRG Recommendations for 2017-18
      • Further Learning and Involvement
      • Needed Communications
    • Future planning and involvement