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    2016 Budget Advisory Task Force 

  • District forms budget task force to explore options for 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years


    As part of its commitment to fiscal stewardship and commitment to ensuring all learners have access to quality educational opportunities and can reach their full potential, Edina Public Schools is looking to better align resources to its mission and strategic vision. With expenses outpacing revenues and learning needs continuously advancing, the district is looking to engage its stakeholders in its annual budget process.


    The purpose of the Budget Advisory Task Force (BATF) will be to analyze pertinent information and consider options for better aligning district finances with learning and Next Generation EPS strategic outcomes. The group will explore adjustments that include budget reductions, reallocations and revenue generators, and look for solutions by identifying areas of efficiency and those worth further study. Through small and large group discussions, the BATF will gain consensus on the district’s learning needs and present its recommendation to administration in early March. Administration will then use this input to craft budget recommendations for 2016-17 and present them to the School Board for discussion on March 14.