• Henricksen - Art

  • 7th Grade: Drawing Assignments 

    Please complete these drawings on the blank pages, in the back section of your sketchbook.
    l. Write your definition of art and illustrate your definition (l/2 page). 5pts
    2. List ways that artists get ideas for artwork and illustrate your list (l/2 page). 5pts 
    3. Enlargement drawing of a small object; object should be less than 3 inches in size (full page). l0pts
    4. Realistic face, use a photo or a mirror to achieve correct proportions and shapes (full page). l0pts
    5. Draw your favorite animal; include a variety of lines and textures (l/2 page). 5pts
    6. Draw a special object that you own (l/2 page). 5pts
    7. Draw a detailed drawing of an insect, a photo or image reference will be necessary (l/2 page). 5pts
    8. Draw 3 cubes using 2-point perspective (l/2 page). 5pts