• Good Day Concord Weekly News Show

    News Team
    5-28-19 Mr. McCarthy & Mr. Bettes's Class

    Mystery Guest: Ms. Rolando
    5th grade Concord Memories

    5-15-19 Mr. Bettes's Class

    Mystery Guest: Mr. Sebek
    Ideas for the New Playground

    5-1-19 Mr. McCarthy's Class: News Team 2

    Mystery Guest: Mr. Friden
    Student Guests: Fairouz & Michael R.

    4-15-19 Mrs. Knoph's Class: News Team 2

    Mystery Guest: Mrs. Prather
    Art Contest Winners Announced

    4-8-19 Mr. McCarthy's Class: News Team 1

    Mystery Guest: Mrs. Kanz
    Happy Birthday, Internet!

    3-8-19 Mrs. Knoph's Class: News Team 1

    Food Drive
    Plastic Pouch Recycling
    Science Fair
    History Mystery: Hula Hoop Party

    2-20-19 Mrs. Pin's Class: News Team 2

    Love to Read Month: Why I Read Student & Staff Interviews
    Mystery Guest: Sasha

    2-4-19 Mrs. Pin's Class: News Team 1

    Love to Read Month Kick-Off: Favorite Books
    Mystery Guest: Mr. Dan

    1-22-19 Mrs. Kretsch's Class: News Team 3

    Author Interview: John Coy
    Mystery Guest: Mrs. Duncan

    1-2-19 Mrs. Kretsch's Class: News Team 2

    Lunchroom Reminders
    Mystery Guest: Mr. Young

    12-10-18 Mrs. Kretsch's Class: News Team 1

    Behind the Scenes with Chef Robert
    Mystery Guest: Mr. Chacko