• Speech-Language

    Language Activites for Grades 6 - 9

    Activities To Do at Home

    • Develop verbal problem skills by evaluating, analyzing, predicting and generating solutions for possible problems as they occur at home.
    • Practice social communication skills (for example, turn-taking in conversation, eye contact, maintaining topic of conversation) in planned 3-minute conversations working on one skill at a time. Evaluate your skills.
    • Strengthen passage comprehension by ‘reading between the lines’ as you piece together segments of information in order to answer questions requiring inference. Strengthen comprehension and memory of facts by answering comprehension questions from material read.
    • Practice creative storytelling by presenting story starters of imaginary characters.
    • Develop vocabulary by keeping a ‘vocabulary notebook’ to include new vocabulary heard in school and at home. Define and use the vocabulary word correctly in a sentence. Enrich meanings of words by defining multiple-meaning words, idioms, metaphors in context of stories read.
    • Practice functional communication skills (i.e. clear articulation, voice quality, pitch, volume, rate) in 3 minute monologues and evaluate.
    • Strengthen oral communication by expressing a personal opinion on issues.
    • Develop interviewing skills by answering self-identification questions in mock interviews.

Home Activities