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    lisa masica English language arts (ELA) are all of the communication and language skills and processes people use every day to receive and send information. We receive information through listening, viewing, and reading, and we send information through writing, speaking, facial expression, body language, and auditory and visual representations. We use language to learn, to question, to share feelings, to help others, to be part of civilization. The ability to use and understand language, both spoken and written, is critical to every aspect of students’ lives.

    Students learn and apply knowledge of the English language by gathering, comprehending, evaluating, synthesizing, and reporting information and ideas, by conducting original research in order to answer questions and solve problems, and by analyzing and creating a range of print and non-print texts in old and new media. They also explore the literature of several cultures and historical periods and create their own literature, learning how purpose, audience and cultural perspective impact one’s use of language along the way.
    (Source: Minnesota Department of Education: English Language Arts, Standard, Curriculum and Instruction)

    Standards for Reading

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