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    cs gr. 5 math The Minnesota Academic Standards in Mathematics set the expectations for achievement in mathematics for K-12 students in Minnesota. This document is grounded in the belief that all students can and should be mathematically proficient. All students should learn important mathematical concepts, skills, and relationships with understanding. The standards presented here describe a connected body of mathematical knowledge that is acquired through the processes of problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, connections, and representation. The standards are placed at the grade level where mastery is expected with the recognition that intentional experiences at earlier grades are required to facilitate learning and mastery for other grade levels.

    The Minnesota Academic Standards in Mathematics are organized by grade level into four content strands: 1) Number and Operation, 2) Algebra, 3) Geometry and Measurement, and 4) Data Analysis and Probability. Each strand has one or more standards.

    (Source: Minnesota Department of Education, Mathematics Academic Standards)
    Edina Public Schools has adopted Math in Focus for K-5 using a two year implementation process. The adoption was a result of a district wide Design Committee recommendation. The implementation began in 17-18 school year, for all schools except Normandale. At Normandale, we are phasing in Primary Mathematics in French. Both of these programs are based on Singapore Mathematics. The primary goal of Singapore Mathematics is to develop strategic mathematical problem solvers. The program has a strong focus on number sense and an increased emphasis on algebraic thinking.

    K-5 Math Standards

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